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I'm Sofia, a UX Designer, based in Cambridge.

Who am i?

UX Designer

I work within a team of UX Designers where our responsibilities include creating wireframes, writing documentation, monitoring implementation progress, testing, iterating, and performing various other tasks typical of UX Designers. I collaborate closely with game designers, programmers, artists, and researchers to ensure that my designs align with the project goals, user needs, and technical requirements.


In addition to my core responsibilities, I also take on the role of mentoring and managing Junior Designers within our team. I provide guidance, support, and feedback to help them develop their skills and grow in their roles.


As a UX designer immersed in the gaming world, my gaming sessions are more than just entertainment—they're valuable research expeditions. I play not only for enjoyment but also to analyze interface designs, interaction patterns, and player feedback.


Because there should always be a fun part, right?

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